Great Offer for Pilots and Aviation Enthusiast People
AVIATION EDGE TEAM is making project, which will change phase of aviation sector.
Project 1 and Project 2 is INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY based project. By this it is easy for AVIATION EDGE to spread globally

Project Details

Project 1 - First Phase – Project confidential – Requirement TOTAL amount USD $ 8000.
PayPal id Minimum Amount to sponsor is $18 and Maximum amount on user wish. People who sponsor will get benefits like good profit, tours on good places like Maldives Island, and many different good choice on recommendation by the sponsor. Maximum Sponsor Users Requirement for Aviation Edge is 444
Example 444 multiply by USD $18 = 7992 $ in USD APPROX. including transaction fees
If Minimum users comes and Sponsor more and if collected USD $8000 than Project 1 – First Phase will be initiated. Remaining extra Money will be transferred back in Users Account. Government official document will be prepared and a Current Account in STATE BANK OF INDIA will be formed. Already Trade Mark Registration has be obtained from Intellectual Property Controller of INDIA, a body of GOVERNMENT of INDIA.

*People who sponsor will get the % in the Business……Or some percent will be divided between the sponsors but profit will always be shared. Also same profit will be used for Phase 2 / Project 2

Business will be firstly operated from India and after earnings new base will be created in Singapore or New Zealand or Canada, It will be depend on the Value of earnings For Aviation Edge.

This project AVIATION EDGE will be a Google like project for Aviation Sector.

AVIATION EDGE will also form its Helicopter Airways or Airline in future and will always invest in Environment Friendly Business of AVIATION, if a large number of profit is earned.

Ideas and suggestion will always be appreciated.

Users List will be Shown soon and social links will be too created in further.

Offer Ends on 5 December, 2017 because this is my Birthday.




Jaykumar Patel



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State Bank of India

Jaykumar Hasmukh Patel,
Account no.- 30238670960
IFSC Code = SBIN0000354
MICR Code = 401002102

Hdfc Bank

Jaykumar Hasmukh Patel,
Account no.- 01731000039081
IFSC Code = HDFC0000173
MICR Code = 401240101

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Jaykumar Hasmukh Patel
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